Resonate 51

Resonate 51

Ben Paul

This edition is full of new music, with many top albums dropping over the last few weeks. The summer songs are in full flow as the weather picks up.

The amount of homegrown music on each playlist is increasing; the UK has always been known for its contribution to music on the world stage; what’s great to see is that more and more independent UK artists are gaining global recognition.

Collaborations between UK & US artists that I would never have thought possible growing up are now commonplace, and its incredible, especially to see how far UK Hiphop has developed over the last ten years.

Here are some highlights from Resonate 51

Wu-Lu - Blunted Strings

The Brixton-based Bassist and DJ released a new EP on the infamous Warp Records. Blunted Strings is a woozy Slow Burner, with broken drum patterns and reversed strings. It’s also incredibly catchy. The EP ‘Learning To Swim on Empty’ is out now.

Sango - Drifed (feat. Jayla Darden)

Returning to the classic that was his Debut album ‘North’, Part 2 delivers an abundance of complexity from a producer at the peak of their craft. With various styles and soundscapes, Sango has grown into a top producer, working recently with Slum Village, Rick Rubin and Drake. This track of North Vol 2 encapsulates Sango’s sound, with a stellar feature from Jayla Darden.

Rapsody - 3:AM (feat. Erykah Badu)

Rapsody’s new full-length ‘Please Don’t Cry’, is a personal journey into her insecurities, passions and perspectives, as Rapsody gets more reflective than any of her other releases. This track features the legendary Erykah Badu. The pair formed a close friendship during the recording, evident through the fusion of their personalities on the track.

NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) - WalkOnBy (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil)

The dream collaboration of the producer Knxwledge and the prolific Anderson .Paak returns for their sophomore release. The album surely will go down as one of the best releases of 2024. I could have picked out 10 or 12 tracks off this album, but this track, ‘WalkOnBy’, is the catchiest; the grove of the beat rides out—instant Classic.

Apparel Wax - 002B2

The secretive duo, who have still managed to keep their identities hidden, have released another batch of EP’s. As usual, they are wall-to-wall disco-infused bangers. A go-to for when I play at late-night venues, this latest serving continues their long list of dancefloor essentials.

Demi Riquísimo - Shameless Progression

Demi’s label ‘Semi Delicious’ turns 5 this year, and to celebrate the milestone he’s released 5 tracks new tracks. ‘Shameless Progression’ is a lovely roller that builds with some excellent vocal samples. Here’s to many more releases from the label!

Floating Points - Del Oro

Sam Sheppard, aka Floating Points is a master of music and science. From picking up a PhD in Neuroscience whilst holding down a residency at London’s legendary venue Plastic People, his music is as sprawling and diverse as the subject he studies. This new single is a signal to refocus on the dancefloor. This curt ‘Del Oro’ is an example of Sams’s ability to switch between beautiful minimalism to complex woven textures all in one track; this will be a regular feature on dance floors and festivals across the country this summer.

Resonate 51

As usual, the playlist is curated by mood from start to finish, and it’s best enjoyed when Shuffle is turned off. Here’s the Spotify link, if you save this to your library, each new edition will override itself, meaning you’re always up to date with the latest Resonate.

Club Moko Presents: Resonate

On Friday, 5th July, we are excited to launch the first Resonate event at Moko; joining me on the decks will be the supremely talented KingCrowney. We’ll bring a night filled with soulful and deep cuts; get your dancing shoes.


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