Framing the vision of London’s newest Production agency, with a brand Identity and website

FORM acts as the glue for a high calibre of directors, creating meaningful work that inspires and entertains. They invited us to create a visual system and website that was simple enough to allow each director’s work to be the hero, but unique enough to be recognised throughout the industry.
Motion Design
Sayeed Islam
We aimed to create a visually striking yet user-friendly identity that would leave a lasting impression. We designed a brand system that seamlessly adapts to any video format, ensuring the content remains the focus. The website, in line with this approach, prominently features the directors. The user experience is designed to be intuitive and efficient, allowing users to quickly grasp the essence of each director’s work with minimal clicks.
We discovered a perfect framing device that could be the centrepiece of the brand. From the type, the brand mark was born. Shaping into different “forms” for any media, the animated version of the mark cycles through common screen ratios: 16:9, 1:1, cinemascope, 3:4 and 9:16 - a subtle way to indicate the brand’s presence and focus on the world’s of social media, TV and cinema and their distinctive formats. The gradients and typography helped balance the visual identity in a slightly playful yet professional manner. Again, not to be obvious and in-your-face, but sit secondary to the director’s work.
An execution with the mentality of “less is more” is precisely what FORM needed for their new chapter. It was a solid foundation to grow as the brand created more compelling work from the best directors globally. The expanding gradients and ever-forming brand device have a clear role in adapting to FORM’s needs for the future. The website followed the brand’s direction in making a clean design that allowed the work to impact the user.

From the client

"Renowned has been incredibly helpful in developing our new visual identity and website for FORM. We had a good idea of our vision, and we then collaborated to bring those ideas to life, providing exciting solutions at every milestone. We’re really happy with the final result, and the team was a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with them again in the future."
Dave Kennedy, Managing Director

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