Sayeed Islam

Sayeed Islam

New website for the London-based motion designer

Sayeed is acknowledged for his skill in turning a static design into a compelling and visually captivating piece of work. He approached us to develop a portfolio website that could effectively display his work, emphasising the high level of quality he delivers brief-to-brief.
Motion Design
Sayeed Islam
As a motion designer, the site needed to cater for a large set of auto-playing videos while grabbing the attention of clients and partners to help win future work. The design system and interactions needed to feel premium yet simple enough to allow the projects to speak for themselves.
The challenge of creating a media-heavy website with fast performance needed a well-thought-out plan. The right file formats, encoding, hosting and browser-specific coding were all considered to output an end product that worked for every user across a range of devices. The colour palette, although neutral, was carefully considered alongside typography, components and all interactions. The approach was a clear case of “less is more”.
We created a site that was future-proof, customisable, and a tool to impress future clients and partners. Simplicity in design gave room to allow each piece of work to breathe, and the use of a rigid grid system gave balance to the animated elements throughout the user journey. This landing place for Sayeed’s future prospects gives a clear indication of what he is about: to stand out and deliver quality.

From the client

"I approached Renowned to design and build my new website. The team was a joy to work with and took the time to fully understand my requirements. The solution they came up with met all my needs in terms of design, optimisation, and accessibility, and resulted in a significant increase in job inquiries"
Sayeed Islam, Motion Designer

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