SLR Consulting Website

SLR Consulting Website

A new website for the world’s leading sustainability consultancy

SLR’s new website is birthed from the fresh strategic direction & identity, alongside the drive to see their purpose unfold - Making Sustainability Happen. It’s a bold design comprised of design components that speak of the company’s technical expertise and solutions for a sustainable future - all derived from the logo mark and brand.
The goal was to modernise their website to align with their new Solutions model, delivering a site easily maintained by their global workforce. This meant finding tools that can be accessed cross-globe to collaborate in realtime, and a visual language that could be easily replicated by all team members.
Contemplation on all details great & small resulted in creating a design system where accessibility and usability is paramount. A meticulous fine-tuning of design decisions were needed to reflect not only SLR's unwavering dedication to sustainability, innovation, and technical ability but also their readiness to embrace change and carve a path toward a future defined by solutions and collaboration.
As SLR evolves into a solutions-based business model, we recognised the importance of adapting the user experience to mirror this transformation. The website's architecture and user flow were reimagined to align with SLR's new approach. Users are now able to explore SLR's array of technical solutions with ease, guided by an intuitive interface that leads them through a journey of discovery.

From the client

"Since September 2022, Renowned have been supporting SLR on the development of a new company brand identity, a complimentary employer brand and the design and build of a new website. The work has been truly outstanding and the team have been a pleasure to work with. We’re about to look and sound like the exciting, modern and cutting edge company that we know we are, and we owe that largely to Renowned and their work. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Rebecca Walker, Head of Group Communications

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